Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coming out of hididng...

okay, so we haven't been hiding. We've just been without internet service. So, we've had a lot of changes since my last post, and I'll try to do a VERY brief overview:

Had a great time staying with friends and family while the new house was finished. My parents had to put up with us for over a month. If we were catholic, I'd elect them for sainthood! Let's just say that at least one thing was broken, and we discovered that magic erasers WILL remove black Sharpie!

Moved into the house in October. That was interesting to say the least. 1 year olds and moving should not be mixed.

Grace turned 3 in December. Proudly declared "i'm still two. I don't want to wear big girl panties!" I'll just let that speak for itself.

Christmas was nice. Busy. Post pics on that later. Maybe.

Sawyer turned 6 in February. (sniff...)How did that happen?!

Went to Orange Beach, AL for a week to see Ryan's mom and dad. It was wonderful! First family vacation we've taken, and we're looking forward to going back next year!
Not sure why this picture won't post the right way. You'll just have to tip your head. sorry!
So, that's basically a really quick overview of the last 6 months.