Thursday, April 2, 2009

Decisions, decisions...(insert bouncing smiley here!)

I was SO excited to see that ICHE FINALLY posted the entire schedule for their Homeschool conference today! I will be attending with a group of moms from our church, and can't wait! (gleeful laughing!!!) The speaker list is incredible - Tedd Tripp, Erwin Lutzer, Jessica Hulcy, Chris Klicka...and those are just the main speakers. There are too many workshops from which to choose - I'm not sure how I'm going to narrow the selections down to 8!
Here is a video of Tedd Tripp speaking on "Created to Worship":

I am counting down the days, and so thankful I have a wonderful husband who is allowing me to go and watching four rambunctious kids by himself that weekend. Thanks honey! Hopefully I can talk him into coming with me next year. Hmmm...I wonder if they'd ever consider bringing in Kevin Van Dam to speak on the "Art and Science" of fishing? ; )

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