Saturday, April 25, 2009

We have a READER!

Just had to share this small success! We have been doing Spell to Write and Read since January, and both kids are doing well with it. They are making great progress through the BOB books, but haven't shown a lot of interest in reading other things unless I ask them to sound out a word.

Yesterday we were getting groceries. I was trying to pay and wrestle the baby back into the cart, so I sent the big three over to a bench across from the checkout, in front of a salon. I was watching them, and saw Campbell looking up at a sign in the salon window. She started sounding out the letters, and said "Sawyer! That sign says 'Nails'! " And she was RIGHT!!! It has been so much fun to watch them discover things, and to see how they grow in their comprehension and application of concepts! I'm so glad I'm the one who gets to see it happen!

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